Whispering sand bromo is a name are very popular tourist complex in mountain bromo and many tourists who want to visit this place to release their curiosity on the name of really unique that. This place located into one complex with tourist area named Padang Savana, Mount Bromo and also Pananjakan 1 (View Point) is in the National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru (TNBTS). The location of the Whispering sand is precicely located in the east of the crater bromo, this place is slightly lower than the height of a mountain the crater BromoWhispering sand bromo has a height 2.000 meters from the sea level water, so this tourist place also has a very cool temperature.

Whispering sand tourism is also included of package tour bromo, where tourists visit this place following the completion of the previous destination is the savanna Bromo. To visit the whispering sand  tourist attractions from the savanna Bromo, tourists still use the same jeep (Vehicle) at the time of Bromo package tour. From the savanna Bromo to this location is need the time ± 15 minutes, after that you will be presented view of a very wide expance of sand and is very different from those in the savanna bromo.

The name of tourism objects Whispering sand was taken from one of the national movies titles in the land of we this is which is played by artist famous and the title of the movies is “PASIR BERBISIK”. Making process this movie shoting exactly be in a place again popular this; according to of people around the complex Bromo Tengger National Park (TNBTS), content that is in the sea sand bromo has the womb sand iron and shape of the sand it has a bigger size of sand in general.

Overlays of sand in the location of this tourist attraction has a very unique shape like the waves of sea water that is very calm; at the time of the wind began blowing fast a stretch of the sand in this location as if to issue a sound due to a friction of sand carried by the wind that. And that more to beauty of this location is by the presence of mist that covering the sands of which there are in the sand sea of bromo.

For tourists who have never been to bromo, the whispering sand bromo to makes you a little touched because only in the location of bromo location only you will find sand that has a stretch of sand resembling a calm flow of water that will make you fell want to go back to the mountai Bromo.


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