Traveler who is domiciled in East Java may have heard the name of Tumpak Sewu. Yes, the waterfall which is located in Malang and Lumajang Regency is indeed extraordinary beautiful.

Since photos and videos of Tumpak Sewu spread in the media, since then I have my desire as unstoppable to come and witness its own beauty. In my opinion, the waterfall which is also known as Tumpak Sewu is special, unlike other waterfalls-waterfalls that I have ever visited.

The opportunity came too. Although the news spread to Tumpak Sewu very extreme, I am alone with my wife did not hesitate. We departed from the city of Malang at around 07.00 WIB, armed with information about the location and route Tumpak Sewu, we spur the vehicle towards Lumajang.

For what we know, Tumpak Sewu is on the border of Malang and Lumajang districts. Along the way, we always read directions or ask questions to make sure we are on the right track to Lumajang. Several sub-districts in Malang Regency that we pass are Bululawang, Dampit, and Ampelgading.

We so enjoyed the trip that morning. Panorama of green rice fields, rivers, hills, and Mount Semeru towering into a distinctive entertainment. Even the position of Mount Semeru seems to be our destination because it always seems to be in front of us.

The cool air and the hospitality of the residents made us feel that we were still in our own area. Yes, we did take some rest while buying something and asking the people we met on the street.

After we traveled a distance of about 70 km, my eyes sparkled after looking banner information Tumpak Sewu living 500 meters, 250 meters, then 100 meters again. I was hesitant because we have not come out of Malang regency.

However, a father who arranged traffic on the road to Tumpak Sewu assured me that I was at my destination. We entered the village road to a parking lot which is quite wide.
Not just motorcycles and cars, buses seem to fit parked here. Residents have equipped the parking lot with muushola, stalls, bathrooms, and toilets.

Apparently, we are in the spot to enjoy Tumpak Sewu from the side of Malang Regency, precisely in Dusun Jagalan, Sidorenggo Village, Ampelgading District. This is the last village in Malang Regency before entering Lumajang Regency.

Another spot is located in Sidomulyo Village, Pronojiwo Sub-district, Lumajang District. Being in the first spot, we decided to get a Tumpak Sewu view here.

After purchasing a ticket of Rp 5,000 per person, we walked along the path between the residents’ gardens. The officer said, we have to walk about 500 meters. Just about 100 meters journey, we’ve been treated to Tumpak Sewu view from above.

We stood amazed at the edge of the cliff with the safety of the bamboo fence. This is really not an ordinary waterfall. Water sources lined the cliff-shaped arch beautiful and magnificent.

This 180-meter-high waterfall is adorned with green plants attached to the brown wall of the cliff. The sound of the roar of the waterfall that broke the silence seemed to invite me to go down the cliff and feel the spark.

Our initial intentions only witnessed Tumpak Sewu from the heights due to the terrain leading to the very extreme rock bottom. Suddenly we changed our mind. Either the courage and the spirit from which to make my wife also sure down the cliff.

Clearly we were then down the steps of the ground. Not unexpectedly, the ladder of the land was only accompanying us a few meters. Next we had to climb the bamboo stairs on the steep cliff wall.

Had a heart sport when the first foot stepping on the ladder. Because, the cliff lies right in front of the eye. Some of the stairs are sloping, som   ae are erect on the cliff wall.

But with the position of the body facing the cliff wall and both hands holding on to the rope on the right and left, we get used to long. Instead we feel our energy is not too drained because both hands support the weight of the body.

Uniquely, in addition to the ropes on the stairs there is also a very long rattan. The rattan grows wild and by the residents is also used as a handle along the stairs. This staircase is only enough for one person up or down.

Fortunately there are some points for us to rest and switch to the next ladder. At the resting point that we and the visitors who took turns gave the opportunity.

One of the resting points that I think is special is the cliff edge with Tumpak Sewu view right in front of the eye. Moreover, at that time we were treated to a rainbow that beautify the waterfall.

Right on the right side of the cliff there is a shady tree. We sat on a bamboo bench underneath with a bamboo hedge. Looking in the opposite direction of the waterfall, the scenery of two high cliffs that split the creek becomes its own allure.

A moment later, we continued down the bamboo staircase. We did not have time to count how many tens or hundreds of stairs we went through. What is clear, once to the bottom of the cliff, a sense of relief mixed with impatience immediately see Tumpak Sewu waterfall from the bottom. Because, our view is blocked by high cliffs.

We went down the river, against the current. The rocks at the bottom of the river are not slippery so we have no trouble walking or crossing the river. Only, the swift currents require us to be careful and hold each other.

About five minutes later, Tumpak Sewu stretched out in front of his eyes. From the right end to the left edge of the cliff, the source of the water flowed profusely. Not only from the top of the waterfall, but also from the middle and bottom of the cliff.

Water sources are like everywhere. That’s why this water is called Tumpak Sewu. Tumpak Sewu means waterfall, while sewu means a thousand, as a metaphor for the vast amount of water resources available. The water was clear and cold.

Splashing waterfalls refresh the face and body that had bathed sweat. Clear river becomes the right place to wash the face and feel the cold water of Tumpak Sewu source.

The exotic rocks at the base of the cliff add to the beauty of God’s creation. If you do not remember the time has gone in the afternoon, I think I want to linger in this place. I still want to enjoy Tumpak Sewu view from spot Lumajang.

Reportedly, visitors can take pictures right above the waterfall. Therefore, we immediately finished the fun of making out with Tumpak Sewu.

Once at the bottom of the cliff, there are two options to watch Tumpak Sewu view from spot Lumajang. First, go back to the bamboo staircase and climb the cliff to the parking lot at the Malang spot, then drive to Lumajang.

Second, down the river and meet with two waterfalls (Telaga Biru and Gua Tetes). Then climb the stairs along the cliff to the top, just ride motorcycles to the spot Malang. Of course I chose the second way. In addition to the bonus of two waterfalls, in my opinion, we save more time.

Long story short, once we reached the top of the cliff in Lumajang area, we have to buy tickets Rp 5,000 to enjoy Tumpak Sewu view from above. Residents call this location Panorama.

Legs that have been weakened due to descend and climb the steep cliff did not make our spirit fade. The distance of 300 meters still must be taken in the hope Tumpak Sewu view right from the top. However, after reaching the goal, it turns out this is not the view I imagined.

The path to the location of the top of the waterfall has been closed because it could eat one casualty that fell into the abyss after taking selfie photos while jumping.

However, I am not too disappointed. View Tumpak Sewu from Panorama is also beautiful. I can see Tumpak Sewu intact from a distance. The shape resembles a gaping earth hole.

In addition, I can see the bamboo staircase along the cliff on the side of Malang that we passed. The gratitude and satisfaction is infinite because all the Tumpak Sewu spots we have come to in a sunny and friendly weather. For us, this is one incredible adventure that is not easily forgotten.