Ijen crater is one of tourist zone which you can visit during of holidays in east java. this tourism in side located in mountain ijen this is one of the most acid crater the largest in the world, it’s have ph (power of hydrogen) are nearing 0 which can quickly dissolving the human body.  Ijen crater  located on top of the mountain ijen as it is one of the series of a volcano in east java as bromo, semeru, and merapi. Mountain ijen is located in east of mont merapi ( in east java there are also have the mountain that has the same name to mount in central java the mountain merapi  in jogjajakarta).

The area of ljen crater or preserve nature ljen park located in the region of LICIN, distrik of banyuwangi and region of klobang , distrik of bondowoso .

Ijen crater located at a height of 2.368 metres above sea level, What is interesting is of the crater located in central kaldera that is widest at java, the size of kaldera about 20 kilometers .Size of the creater  by themselves about 960 meters 600 meters with depth to 200 metres. The  Crater is located on the depth of more than 300 feet below the wall kaldera.

Every early morning at about 2 a.m to 4 , around  the crater could be found phenomena blue fire (api biru), The uniqueness this place, because of scenes natural it only happens in two places in the world that is iceland and ijen (indonesia). In the morning, when the sun begins to lit area ijen crater, you can enjoy with beautiful panorama like the collor of the crater ijen green bluish will be added the light of the sun a colorless golden bounces in the crater. The amazing scenary can also you get by watching merapi charm beauty adjacent.

The mount merapi having a resemblance the form of to mount ijen, from the crater of ijen, we can sight of mountain other existing the complex the ijen area, of them was mount raung, mountain suket, mountain rante, and another mountain. that most qualified to see beauty like ijen is in the morning.

Toward  going up to ljen crater , you have to search a footpath lapped cliff of kaldera,  Don’t forgot to bring a gas mask because of the smile of sulphur sometimes blowing in the wind passing through the lane. To attain the summit of mount ljen you will walk from parking area as far as more or less 3km, One of our attention visitors in the region crater ijen is the minires sulphur traditional, They boldly close to the lake to dig sulphur with simple tools and held to the basket.

Miners  of sulphur is take sulphur from the bottom of a crater, in here smoke thick enough , but with equipment cover the nose in moderation like the sarung , they keeping lookout for the melting of the sulphur. The melting of the sulphur obtained from the pipe leading gas source volcanic containing sulfur. This gas is channeled through a pipe then came in the form of the melting of the sulphur colored red, After frozen the sulphur  to be colored yellow.

After cuted of the sulphur , the miners will alone through a footpath. A heavy held between 80 up to 100 kg. Miners accustomed bear the with this task while up a trail in a cliff caldera down a mountain as far as 3 km.

ijen crater is one of charm natural beauty of indonesia. Many tourists foreign and local tourists visit ijen area to watch charm natural beauty and uniqueness miners sulphur traditionally in ijen crater.


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