Madakaripura waterfall park is a waterfall located in hamlet branggah, negororejo village, distric of lumbang, kabupaten probolinggo, the province of east java. Mada karipura waterfall it is one of a waterfall in the area of a national park bromo tengger semeru. A waterfall as high as 200 meters it is the highest waterfall in the island of java and the second highest in indonesia.

The waterfall madakaripura shaped a niche that is surrounded the shed water in all hills areas like a is wet, 3 trader even alot of water came profusely and to be make like the waterfall again.

Visiting a waterfall madakaripura is one of the to be done by tourists who went to east java, the voyage from bromo to madakaripura waterfall you need time more 1 hours. You arrived in the parking area you will take away with the mottorcycle taxis (ojek motor) to get into entrance ticket, more or less from 1,5 km you walk from the entrance ticket to inside to madakaripura waterfall area. From the entrance ticket access the way inside to the warterfall is the beautiful view from the right side and left side a way you can see the big tree, the air freesh and also will pass the rivers. And Then you felt the cool around and also water that skipping to your body. In this area close of the waterfall like  instead of clothes, raincoa

ts, cammera waterprof and umbrella very suggested. You should to walk further a little to enjoy in waterfall main, You should to get bluffs quite slippery and narrow. And you also see

the waterfalls main a walled circular , so looks like you are be in a bottle .Very

beautiful in the waterfall main.

Behind a waterfall main there is have a cave where to that end very difficult because have to go through a pool of water of 25 square meters that is right in below a waterfall, The depth of this pool about 7 m and having current of water in torrents. You are strongly advised to leave this place before 6pm, Will often rain on this time can affect the water level around falls quite dangerous and lets you difficult withdrew.


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