Pulau Merah Beautiful Sunset

pulmer500Pulau merah or red island Banyuwangi is located in the southern region. A beach that has a small green hill red landless Pesanggaran located in the district Banyuwangi. Hill can be visited when the low tide just by walking.

Waves in the red island is very suitable for surfers from all walks of life, both professional and those already beginners. Red Island beach that mentions the name of this tour for surfers Caucasians who are already professionals who greatly admired the red island’s beaches.

On this beach you can enjoy the beautiful sunset is amazing, because at this beach sunset sun will be seen amid the ocean. In addition, the red island is located in the fishing area suitable for those of you who like backpacking.

Lots of beauty in this banyuwangi travel that can not be described by words, rather than just reading and imagine it would be better if you come, survey and describe themselves. For those of you who are interested in this red-island travel and tour operator services then we will help you, because we serve red island Banyuwangi travel packages

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