unrise in pananjakan Bromo and kingkong hill is very amazing and has no end to the exploration of various points of view locations. During this enjoy sunrises in mount bromo become the master of tourists to visit to that place. Penanjakan, who are at an altitude of 2.700m from sea level water often in know as destination to watch the sunrises.

The sunrise in bromo also can you see from kingkong hill (bukit kingkong) or bukit setya. The kingkoong hill more less than pananjakan at an altitude of 2.600m from the level water, but could still to see the sunrise. The located king kong hill about 800 metter from pananjakan (view point), with a view of which not les interesting.Kingkong hill (bukit kingkong) many visit tourist at the time in the poin view the visitor is fully.  Of the facilities and infrastructure in a kingkong hill have been built as roads that already paving and is lined, so the visitor can see the sun rises not with the fully tourists an conmfortable for to show the sun rises.

The view from the kinggkong hill not to much differrent than pananjakan (point view), in the morning bright without fog same like you stand on the top of the sky, from this area you can see the full view mount bromo, sea sand, hindust teample in the middle of sea sand, mount semeru, and the cemoro lawang village from the attitude 2.600 meter from the sea level water. You also can drink some coffe and fried banana in the kingkong hill and pananjakan because alot a saler of there are.

Arround at 03.30 in the morning, the dark line orange begin to appear in the east horizon, the brightes collor is very beautiful before you see the view of mount bromo, the light gave rise to various gradation on the sky formerly dark. About 05.30 in the morning down aligned wider followed the sun emerges from behind the horizon, so like to opened  the curtain to blocked the mount bromo, mount batok and summit of mount semeru.

From a distance began to make tinge red mingled orange beutified in the east horizon. The rising time, the color clarified to be silver golden;  The sky looks like a tapestry beutiful decorated variously colored that blend create beauty that is full of harmony. In the fiew munutes,  scenery around which previously dark and vague begain to light, one by one the landscape of begin to seem clearly visible. Mount Bromo, mount Batok and mount Semeru have clearly visible so is white cloud who decorates slopes and the top it’s peak the increase  natural beauty around.

It’s  called the kingkong spot because one of bluffs stands out in the hill resembling the head and face kingkong. That is why many peoople called this spot as a kingkong hill.


Sunrise in pananjakan bromo  and kingkong hill amazing much demanded by tourists who visit to bromo; they want to see the real beauty of in pananjakan bromo and kingkong hill is incredibly global it.


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