DiengjatengDieng is an acronym of two words Javanese: Adi means “good”, and Aeng which means strange. who knows the meaning of what is behind the merger of the two words. Maybe because in addition to a great place and wonderful. Dieng many unique and strange things from the beginning to now, the myth of the cultural heritage of the legendary child dreads, for the strangeness that had just emerged as the Teletubbies wandering Arjuna temple complex.

Dieng Plateau at an altitude of 2093 meters above sea level, lies between the two districts Banjarnegara and Wonosobo. the scenery is very beautiful and has always been a center of cultural development in Indonesia. Around the end of the 19th century, many tourists visit and tour to Dieng Plateau, especially the Netherlands. Explore Dieng Plateau in Central Java, Indonesia, in 1001 and discover the unique nature and local culture are the most typical.

One of the charms of nature is no less enthralling located in the area is a Wonosobo Dieng precisely Located 30 km from the city center Wonosobo, which lies on the border between Banjarnegara and Wonosobo, Dieng tourist spot also known as the funeral of gods and goddesses. Dieng Plateau has a number of tourist charms are charming, there are many interesting objects that you can enjoy there. However, in between all that, here are some of the most alluring tourist Dieng landmark that you should know. The temple in Dieng Plateau, Mount Sikunir Dieng, Telaga Warna Dieng Dieng Telaga tadpoles and Wells Jalatunda.

More than 15 Destinations spread Dieng Dieng, who entered the tourist area of administration Banjarnegara and Wonosobo, Central Java. Various holiday experience you get when visiting Dieng. Good nature, rich history and culture of Dieng. Not to mention the culinary uniqueness Dieng as Mie Ongklok, Tempe kemul, Carica Dieng and Purwaceng be sweet complement to give the impression of a pleasant vacation for tourists who visit.